Group units

Our group of companies in China

Company, registered in People’s Republic of China (PRC) with a registered capital of 15 million dollars, imports meat products for the Chinese food industry, like supply cold chains, supermarkets, processing factories and wholesale markets. We are specializing in the import of frozen meat - poultry, beef, pork to China. To successfully and efficiently execute large-scale orders, our company has its warehouses in the port of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone. As well we operate cold storages in Qingdao, Shandong province. In these warehouses we store delivered products and supply the Chinese market with the highest quality frozen meat as raw material and ready to use meat. The highest food safety and logistics standards are met during the supply process. Special attention is given to product quality control. By working with both larger and smaller companies, it has gained the trust of local meat producers. Our companies are proud to have a circle of reliable business partners in China. Thanks to responsible cooperation, it is guaranteed that the products reach the customers in China on time and meet all the strictest quality requirements. From the year 2019 our turnover for meat business sales in China has reached over 100 million USD and keep growing more and more month by month.

Bel Meat Export

Group of companies in CIS are responsible for the supply of agricultural commodities, foods, meat, timber, logs and natural nature resources from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. Bel Meat Export coordinates its warehouses in Minsk and Minsk region, Odessa and St.Petersburg ports. These warehouses are fully equipped with modern equipment that ensures the preservation of all properties of frozen and chilled meat, its products, and all other commodities. Thanks to it and a responsible team of employees, only products that meet the highest quality requirements are supplied to consumers and customers. The goal of this company is to establish reliable and long-term cooperation links between CIS and China. This is achieved by maintaining continuous contact between the company buying/selling representatives and customers. Bel Meat Export takes responsibility for safe and fresh products delivered on time. Particular attention is paid to the safe and fast execution of orders. This helps to implement a professionally developed and strictly controlled product supply chain by company employees. Delivery of the highest quality meat and its products in the shortest and most efficient time is possible and always guaranteed because we use between governments developed ways of transportation by train, sea or air depending on the goods, which are transported. Company follows the principle of transparent rules and prices. Developed network of Bel Meat Export partners provides an opportunity to offer products at the most competitive prices on the market. Many years of experience, knowledge of the specifics of the market, and flexibility help the company to successfully develop its activities and gain the trust of both a larger and smaller circle of customers.


Company exporting frozen and chilled meat from Europe, North and South America to Belarus, Russia, and China. With almost 30 years of experience working with the CIS countries, with more than 10 years of experience working with China, the company's employees are well aware of the specifics of the meat market. When marketing frozen and chilled meat, it is necessary to know the subtleties of the market, not only for phytosanitary reasons but also for customs requirements. Limstar is happy and proud to have a team of professional employees, who has a huge experience starting from veterinary service, custom officers jobs, and ending with logistic and trade professionals. A professional team, quality products, a wide range, and a reliable network of partners in the market have helped to gain the respectable trust of our customers. A customer survey conducted at the initiative of the company revealed that the efficiency of the company's employees, the quality of supplied products, and the accuracy of order fulfillment are most valued. Stuff of the company are well aware that to ensure the smooth operation of the production chain, it is very important to deliver the raw material quickly and on time. It is very important for the team of Limstar to professionally and operatively satisfy the needs of each client. The company focuses on working with direct producers, helps to teach them the specific needs of our final buyers and organize customs and transportations procedures, provides financial services. Besides, we also work with retailers and supermarkets. Thanks to the company's professional and responsible employees, it is ensured that the goods reach every client with impeccable quality.


VegBurger is a brand that represents unique vegetable patties created using the latest food preparation technologies and ingredients that meet the highest quality standards. The VegBurger range consists of four different recipe patties. They are created for vegetarians or those who want to eat healthily daily.