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Limstar group is leading commodity trading company in the region. We have built a global business on service and performance of sales for raw materials and commodities like agricultural food products, agricultural primary commodities, metals, minerals and energy products, which serve as input in the industrial process, whether processed, unprocessed, or recycling products. Our experience in field of frozen meat business is calculating its roots since 1991. Through the years, our portfolio from meat has grown to grains, wheat, corns, oils, fresh and frozen foods and other agricultural products, natural mineral resources, but not limited to. We focus on creating long-term value for our customers by prioritizing their interests and strategies. Company cooperates with customers and partners from European Union, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China. The main direction of our business is Russian and Chinese markets. We have built a reputation as a stable and reliable partner in the international trade due to effectively organized work processes, competence and experienced team.






We cooperate with the largest and most reliable producers of high-quality goods from Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, North and South America. Established business partnerships with suppliers allow us to provide our customers production with the most competitive prices. We are pursuing long-term cooperation; therefore, our aim is to be flexible and exact with each client at every phase of the dialogue. Whether you’re a producer, an existing or potential partner in government or business, or an end-user, our focus, commitment and global resources can get you closer to your markets.

Rock Formations
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  • Professional approach to the inquiries of our clients

  • Maintaining solid partnerships with producers and customers

  • Analysis and reaction to changing market situations

  • Ensure that we fulfill our responsibility for our partners

  • Our employees – highly skilled professionals, so it is important for us to meet our customers’ expectations in order to maintain a professional image and reputation of our company.


​JSC"Limstar Group"

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Difficult roads usually leads to  beutiful​ destinations, so keep pushing through...

CEO, Limstar group